I think this man might just be one of the luckiest people in the world, let alone The Garden State! Sports betting is huge right now since we’re smack in the middle of football season and this New Jersey man just defeated the odds.

If you have a husband, brother, boyfriend, or just a mega-sports fan in your life, I'm sure you know the stress that goes into sports betting. Sometimes there's a strategic plan behind the bet and other times it's just a random bet that feels right. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but that's all in the fun of sports betting.

New Jersey Man Hits $5 14-Leg Parlay Scoring Himself Just Under $500k

Travis Dunfer lives in Millstone, New Jersey, and recently a video was posted of his reaction to hitting one of the rarest sports bets of all time, in my opinion. He placed a 14-leg parlay and successfully guessed that 14 NFL players would score touchdowns within the same week.

The odds were definitely on his side and that $5 14-leg parlay bet has now won Travis Dunfer just under $500k! According to ABC 7, the offs of hitting this exact bet are “one in nearly 9.8 million.” The video is honestly worth the watch because you can genuinely feel your heart racing and can just find yourself smiling food, Travis.

The final touchdown that scored him this huge chunk of change was Christian McCaffrey’s touchdown which won him about $489,000. That’s a huge profit from just one $5 bet. You never know what may happen!

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