There is a new restaurant that just opened in New Jersey that is a must-try for everyone. Have you ever sat with a group of people and tried to decide what to eat collectively? I swear it's impossible!

One person is craving sushi, the other pizza, it's always a mess! If that is you, this new place that opened in Montclair has your name written all over it.

The restaurant is called Pasta Ramen and it has one of the most unique menu items I've ever seen!

This restaurant has pop-up locations all over the country in, major cities, but has recently opened up a shop that seems to be sticking around for quite a while in Montclair. When checking out this menu, it's truly like nothing I've ever seen before.

The appetizer options alone range from Calamari to Bao Buns. Something that caught my eye is a Chiekn Parmigiano ramen.

This place has the perfect blend of Japanese and Italian classics and I'm not sure if any other restaurant has done anything like this before. This place just opened in Montclair a few weeks ago and seems to be a big hit already.

If you're looking to give this place a shot, Pasta Ramen is now open in Montclair, New Jersey. You can find them located at 6 S Fullerton Ave in Montclair, New Jersey. Being from New Jersey, you feel kind of special when it comes to Pasta Ramen!

They've done pop-up events in places like Los Angeles, but is officially settled in the Garden State!

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