It seems like Pennsbury High School is always trying to outshine every other high school in the country. Obviously, we all know about the infamous Pennsbury High School Prom wasn't able to take place this year because of the coronavirus but that didn't hold the school back from trying to go above and beyond for their seniors. recently reported that Pennsbury High School had an airplane flyover the Pennsbury school districts. The airplane was pulling a banner that congratulated the seniors from the Class of 2020. Pennsbury school district covers Lower Makefield, Falls, Tullytown, and Yardley.

We learned from Bucks Local News that the flyover happened on Wednesday, June 10, which was the actual date that the Pennsbury High School seniors were supposed to be walking across the stage for their last high school event. Instead of having the actual commencement ceremony for the seniors of the class of 2020, Pennsbury High  School staff and administrators thought it would be a better idea to do the flyover the day of the ceremony. Bucks Local News actually mentioned that after that there was a special broadcast for the seniors on the Pennsbury Cable TV Channel.

Since the big gatherings are still not an option, the high schools have to get creative and congratulate the students in a different way. It has been reported by that Pennsbury High School is still hoping to be able to have an in-person ceremony for the graduating seniors sometime in July. If the graduation does happen it was stated by Bucks Local News that it would be held on the Falcon Field.

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