One of my guilty pleasures is for sure getting a nice fast-food burger. I know it’s so bad, but I just love fast food. No problem can’t be solved with a little bit of french fries or a fast food burger.

A website called Data Pandas has analyzed search data over the past few years and has narrowed down each state’s favorite fast-food drive-through restaurants. If you’re a fast food fan, I have to say we’re really lucky in New Jersey.


There are many different fast food options to choose from, and they’re pretty much scattered evenly throughout the state of Pennsylvania. It’s nice that you can get to your desired fast-food destination within a few hours.

We have a ton of McDonald’s, Burger Kings, Wendy’s, Taco Bells, and so much more! There are endless options no matter what you’re craving!

Pennsylvanians Name Smashburger The State's Favorite Fast-Food Spot

Data Pandas has revealed that the most searched-for and most-loved fast-food restaurant in Pennsylvania is Smashburger.

I would personally consider Smashburger more of a fast-casual restaurant, but according to this poll all of those places like Five Guys, Chipotle, and more fall into the category of fast food.

Smashburger is one of those places where locations are very few and far between. There are only 7 locations throughout the state of Pennsylvania, so if you find yourself at one, you have to stop immediately.

You can find them in Allentown, Dresher, Philadelphia, Radnor, and Springfield. Smashburger has a menu full of the most amazingly thin burgers, turkey burgers, veggie burgers, chicken sandwiches, wings, and sides.

People who have gone rave about it and for good reason! Pennsylvania has good taste in takeout!

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