A new bill calls for all Pennsylvania men to get a vasectomy by the age of 40 or after they have their third child (whichever comes first), NBC10 reports. 

The bill, which was proposed by state representative Christopher Rabb, is a parody, but he says he proposed the legislation to get us talking. So let's talk about this:

As of 2020, the United States of America has a population of over 329 million, and the state of Pennsylvania alone has a population of 13.1 million? Do you think those numbers would make the United State of America or the state of Pennsylvania overpopulated?

If it sounds like an out-of-control law that's because it is.

Christopher Rabb used the bill to start a conversation between residents about reproductive rights, NBC10 reports. And it certainly did that. In fact, the bill will not even come up for a vote in the state senate, they say.

But the bill has led to some scary threats against the representative As you can imagine, everyone is on edge about controlling bills with masks and vaccine mandates across the country.

Christopher Rabb tells NBC 10, “The overwhelming response has been hatred and violence.”

Obviously hatred or violence is not what anyone should turn to right away after hearing about a possible bill that they dislike.

Let's be real, it is a little aggressive telling someone that they are forced to get a vasectomy but we learned from NBC10 that Pennsylvania State Rep. Christopher Rabb brought this up after the hearing about the "bills restricting abortion rights across the nation."

A lot of people always ask "where is my tax money going?" This is what some Twitter users had to say to Christopher Rabb regarding their tax money and his new bill.

Other Twitter users made it known that it was not a real bill and it was just "smack-talk" on behalf of Pennsylvania State Rep. Christopher Rabb.

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