Here are a few things we have learned while quarantining at home:

  • If they thought no one would notice, people would probably not shower every day.
  • No one knew how to properly wash their hands prior to the Coronavirus.
  • People are afraid of running out of toilet paper and alcohol.

We all seem to have more time on our hands lately. Some of us (and by "us," I'm not including myself) are using this extra time to learn a new language or to clean out their basement.

Meanwhile, others are watching a ton of Netflix, eating lots of junk food, and apparently in Pennsylvania, drinking a lot of alcohol.

According to, sales of alcohol in the Keystone State have "shattered records." says that from April 20 through last week, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board had sold $51.6 million in alcohol via curbside pickup.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board's press secretary, Shawn Kelly, told that a record-setting $30 million in sales happened on March 16, 2020 (one day before the state-imposed shelter in place orders).  The previous one-day sales record was $23 million, set on Nov. 27, 2019.

Now before you start thinking Pennsylvanians are a bunch of alcoholics, check out these statistics. says that New Hampshire has the highest percentage of alcohol consumption per capita among all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Meanwhile, reports that Pennsylvania falls right in the middle of that list, placing 25th in alcohol consumption. (And if you were curious, New Jersey was just a couple places behind PA coming in at #27).

By the way, if you think about it, it's pretty easy to guess which state has the lowest percentage of alcohol consumption per capita. says it's Utah.

To see the 10 most popular alcohols that Pennsylvanians have been buying during the Coronavirus, click here. CHEERS!

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