Do you ever imagine yourself seeing the Philadelphia 76ers playing anywhere else other than the Wells Fargo Center, probably not right? recently reported that the 76ers are trying to make big changes and one of those can possibly be moving to a new basketball arena. It has been mentioned that while the 76ers are "exploring" for a new stadium it is possible that it can be located at Penn's Landing.

According to, the Philadelphia 76ers no longer want to play at the Wells Fargo Center. This decision needs a lot of help from taxpayers as well as local officials to be moved to a new location and be able to build a new basketball arena. Really, where will the stadium be built at Penn's Landing? It already looks a little crowded over there. It would be nice to have a view of the Delaware River from the arena though.

A spokesperson from the Philadelphia 76ers told, " The organization is exploring all options for when its lease ends at the Wells Fargo Center in 2031." So really, if this was to happen it wouldn't be happening any time soon.

If this benefits the economy we are sure that the city of Philadelphia taxpayers will not mind the decision. shared that the Philadelphia 76ers representative has mentioned that the new basketball arena can possibly bring "$1 billion in economic benefits for communities of color."

The downfall of this big move is that you wouldn't be able to go to multiple sporting events at just walking distance from each other.

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