Seeing women have historic moments in any way possible is always amazing.

For the first time ever in Philadelphia 76ers' history, the voice of the team will be represented by a woman.

According to NBC 10, Kate Scott has officially been named the voice of the team and will be the full-time play-by-play voice for the Philadelphia 76ers.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that this is not the first Kate Scott makes some sort of history. We learned that back in March of 2021 Kate Scott was also the very first woman to call a play-by-play game for the Golden State Warriors.

Look at her now as the full-time voice of the Sixers.

On Instagram, Kate Scott shared her excitement and gratitude for the women that have paved the way to make her life easier to accomplish her dreams. She said, ”I’m here because of all the women who've come before me, who had it much harder than me, who proved we deserve a shot.⁣"

Kate Scott also told NBC 10, that as a kid she would pretend to be Allen Iverson when she played ball in her driveway. "I actually used to imagine I was Allen Iverson; the clock would wind down in my head.”

This huge announcement actually makes Kate Scott the second-ever full-time play-by-play female broadcaster for a National Basket Association team.

The Philadelphia 76ers welcomed Kate Scott with an Instagram post that read, “A new chapter in sports broadcasting is about to begin!"

Earlier this year, the 2021 NBA champions Milwaukee Bucks announced that they will also have a full-time female broadcaster.

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