If you are planning to make your famous homemade cheesecake this holiday season, don't do it. Well, really if you want to make it go for it but you can get money if you don't make your own cheesecake.

According to NJ.com, you can get $20 to not make your own cheesecake at home.

Kraft Heinz, who is partners with Philadelphia Cream Cheese, has made it known that they would rather pay you to not make your own cheesecake because there is a shortage of cream cheese.

There is only a limited amount of people that will be allowed to get the $20. We learned from NJ.com that Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Kraft Heinz will only give the $20 to 18,000 customers.

In a YouTube video shared by Philadelphia Cream Cheese, the company is asking everyone to make brownies, cupcakes, cookies, or "anything that will make you feel anything in the cheesecake-shaped hole in your holiday heart."

On SpreadTheFeeling.com we found the list of things you have to do if you want to get $20. Here are the rules to follow:

  1. RESERVE: Starting on 12/17 and 12/18 at 12pm EST each day, be one of the first to reserve your spot to claim a limited dessert reservation.
  2. BUY: Once your dessert reservation is confirmed with a unique one-time use link that is sent to you (do not share), buy any dessert with dated receipt between 12/17 – 12/24
  3. REDEEM: Starting on 12/28 at 9am EST through 11:59pm EST on 1/4/22, use your unique link to submit your dessert receipt for your chance to receive a $20 digital reward.

Shoot your shot maybe you can get $20.

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