Christmas season is here so it is okay to eat a little extra and also have a few extra drinks. Here is a very important question. Do you believe that you should not drink before a certain time? Do you think everyone should wait until after dinner to start drinking during the holiday season?

The American Addiction Centers shared a list that shows the percentage of people that believe it is okay to start drinking before lunchtime as well as the reasonable time people think it is okay to start drinking across every state in the United States.

In the Garden State, only 14% of residents believe that it is okay to start drinking before lunchtime during the holiday season. The New Jersey residents also think that 3:36 pm is a good time to start drinking.

So really in New Jersey people are okay to start drinking a little after lunch.

In the state of Pennsylvania, a few more residents believe it is okay to start drinking before lunchtime with 22% saying they are okay with an early start. Pennsylvania residents also shared that they are okay with the 2:37 pm start time for alcoholic drinks.

On the Festive Happy Hour list shared by the American Addiction Centers, it is shared that the state of Vermont is the state with the highest percentage of people that think it is okay to start drinking before lunchtime. Vermont has 29% of residents wanting to get an early start.

Alaska was the state that had an average of 12:30 pm drinking start time during the holidays, according to American Addiction Centers.

Alaska sounds like a party state.

I am all for day drinking so an early start time is a GO for me.

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