If you are an Eagles fan you were probably too busy partying like crazy the night the birds won the Super Bowl to get caught up in any random hookups.

According to an Inquirer analysis of health, statistics showed that nine months after the Eagles won the Super Bowl, the birth rate in the City of Brotherly Love was surprisingly lower than other Novembers. It was actually lower than any November in the last 10 years.

Inquirer.com reported that November was projected to be such a huge baby month in Philly that even the Jefferson Health system made a commercial for "super babies." The Philadelphia Inquirer shared a chart from Wonder.CDC.gov that shows that 4,690 babies were born in the Philly area in November of 2018. This made it only 185 babies less than the previous year. Not really too big of a drop.

Now the question is how many proposals happened after the big win? We personally heard a lot of people "swearing" that they would ask the big question but no "super weddings" happened.

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