A former fire fighter becomes a national hero in Philadelphia.

According to Billypenn.com, Hakim Laws has not become well known because of his heroic efforts to rescue babies from a burning building. Instead, it is because of  an interview response that became“the absolute greatest quote in the history of Philadelphia.” Law became Philadelphia's favorite human after saying in a news interview, “My man just started throwing babies out… And we were catching them, unlike Agholor.”

This response was referring to the Eagles loss to the Lions where receiver Nelson Agholor dropped several passes throughout the game.

According to Billypenn.com, Agholor responded to a tweet from ESPN that included the clip along with a thanks to Laws for being a community hero. Agholor then shared that he wants to invite Laws and his family to the next Eagles home game but first he has to find him. He  put it in the hands of Twitter by asking for help in getting in touch with him.

This response shows that professional athletes can be good sports too. Agholor never responded to Laws’ “unlike Agholor” statement. Instead, he focused on his acts of heroism rather than being upset about what could have been seen as an insult towards Agholor.

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