There's a mad rush on bottled water in Philadelphia this afternoon. And the photos from grocery stores are showing those insane lines.

This, of course, comes after the city issued a bottled water advisory (just before 1 pm on Sunday). Warning customers that they "may" wish to switch to bottled water for cooking and drinking after 2 pm on Sunday. Click here for the latest info on the city's water advisory.

Immediately following that alert, grocery stores across the city started reporting long lines as bottled water become the hottest product in town.

The rush started quickly following a cell phone alert, which was sent to cell phones across the city advising customers to avoid "tap water" and it said that the city recommended using bottled water as of 2 pm on Sunday (until further notice).

Well, here's a look at some of the city's stores on Sunday. This is the Aldi on Market Street:

Plus, lines formed in grocery stores across the city. Including this Acme in South Philly:

CNN reports that ShopRite stores throughout South Philly were already sold out as of 2 pm.

Store officials told CNN that even when they are able to restock their shelves with water they will put purchasing limits on the product for the duration of the advisory. They're expected to limited purchases of cases of bottled water to three per customer, they told

Of course, Twitter users across the city were also reporting shortages at other stores too.

"They already completely ran out of bottled water cases at the Acme on Oregon," Twitter user @KyleNeubeck wrote on Sunday afternoon just before 2 pm. "If you're trying to get anything in light of the alert today, you might want to look outside the city."

It's unclear when the city will lift the advisory.

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