If you want to talk about the most passionate and rowdiest fans in the world you immediately think of the Philadelphia team's' fan base. All of the fans in Philadelphia can easily be considered to be the most loyal and there really isn't much argument to that.

NBCsports.com recently shared some interesting information that said that Philadephia Phillies fans land in the 9th spot on the "new ranking of MLB fans' loyalty." There has to be something wrong that the Phillies fans are not closer to the number 1 spot.

We learned from NBCsports.com that the way fans loyalty was ranked was by "TV ratings, stadium attendance, ticket demand, merch sales, and social media reach, then adjusts for local population."

The ranking was created by Forbes.com and when the Philadelphia Phillies were given the 9th spot for the loyalty it was mentioned that there was also a record set by the fans. There was an all-time high of jersey sales when Bryce Harper was acquired as well as the right-field ticket sales were booming extremely quick.

We all know that in Philadelphia the opposing team and fans stand no chance in getting treated nicely. The Philadelphia fan base will rip every opponent a new one and guess what? That was actually a part of the reason why Forbes placed the Philadelphia Phillies' fans on the top 10 list of MLB fans' loyalty. On Forbes.com it was even brought up that at one point Bryce Harper was booed. Look at how things have changed. Now, Philadelphia loves him.

Just in case you are interested in knowing the Boston Red Sox took the number one spot, Yankees were placed number 4, and Dodgers had the 5th spot.

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