We all love a good love story, but I gotta tell you… I’m very suspicious about Philadelphia’s most popular couple. I think… it’s all a bit of a romance of convenience? Maybe I’m a skeptic, but I don’t think there’s true love for the couple that met at Sunday’s Eagles game over a slice of pizza.

I’ll explain why down below. First, let’s get to the back story…

Couple Meets At Lincoln Financial Field Over a Slice of Pizza

It’s your classic girl meets boy story… with a VERY Philadelphia twist. It started on Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field.

After the game, Aliza Phillips was in the crowd exiting the stadium when she became jealous of others with pizza slices. So another fan offered her a slice of pizza, and she took a bite of it.

Then they disappeared into the crowd.

Philly Couple Reconnects After Eagles Game

After a chance encounter in the Linc, the Philly internet…. did its thing.

"Pretty much the next day I was like I need to find this man. Who is he, sharing his pizza with me,” Philips told Philadelphia’s NBC 10 in an interview this week.

Philips posted a photo in an Eagles fans' Facebook group asking for help identifying the man who shared the pizza slice.

It turns out that man was Aaron Jones. The internet helped track him down within 42 minutes.

Eagles Pizza Couple Has First Date at Phillies Game

Because it is Philadelphia in the month of October, the couple scheduled their first date for Tuesday night’s playoff baseball game where the Phillies defeated the Miami Marlins.

By all accounts, it appeared to go pretty well. The couple, of course, got offers left and right for sponsorship opportunities and more. And that’s where I’m skeptical...

Eagles Pizza Couple - Is It True Love Or a Publicity Stunt?

OK. Here’s where I’m not sure. The couple has done a TON of media interviews this week. They were interviewed by EVERY TV station in town. 

Their Friday date was covered by PHL17 at Dock Street in South Philly it looks like.

And… they’ve already made a joint Instagram account, which I followed cause I was all in. But I’ve noticed that they’ve been mentioning a lot of products on their IG story.

The account is aptly named HowIMetYourFather215. So maybe they're just savvy and riding this romance for all it's got.


The offers are going to keep coming in, and I have to say it: I suspect they’ll get tickets to Eagles games, Phillies games, and more endorsement opportunities.

Sorry, Philly, I think we got duped by two savvy influencers here.

SATURDAY UPDATE: They used that account to post pictures from a taqueria in New York City on Saturday night before a concert. So maybe they’re falling quickly, but already going to concerts in NYC… a week later? Wow. Also, the Phillies were on Saturday night.

Did this sports-obsessed couple REALLY leave the city for a show? Maybe… But, I’m skeptical... all around.

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