Philadelphia brewery partners debut 'Always Sunny' themed beer.

Season 14 of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" premiered on Wednesday, September 25th and in honor of that Stable 12 Brewing Company and Breweries in PA collaborated to create a beer to tribute that.

The beer "Dayman," named after a character from the show itself, was debuted along with the show on Wednesday at Memphis Tap in Philadelphia. "Dayman" is said to be a 6.5% ABV New England Style Beer according to

The bar even premiered a viewing party at 10pm for fans of the show to kick off the new season. The taproom is located at 2331 E Cumberland St. in Philadelphia.

This will be the exclusive location to purchase this themed beer, as told by You can purchase it on tap, or if you wanted to have a weekly viewing party of your own at home, you can even take 4-packs to go.


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