Philadelphia saw its first flakes of the season Tuesday morning. Yes, if you blinked you may have missed it. At the same time, however, Philadelphia was breaking a snowfall record.

I mean your Facebook feed was definitely filled with people posting pictures of the flakes falling outside of their homes. Though, it certainly didn't look like a Winter Wonderland.

BUT! In spite of that, The City of Philadelphia actually broke an ALL-TIME snow record (once again) today. 

I know what you're thinking: there were some flurries on Tuesday. It couldn't be a record. Right? Well, it is...

Philadelphia Breaks Snowless Record

Well, as of today (November 28), it's been 668 days since an inch of snow was officially measured at Philadelphia International Airport.

The previous streak ended on December 15, 1973, when the city ended a 661-day snowless streak, according to the National Weather Service.

The last time it snowed more than an inch of snow in Philly? That was January 28-29, 2022, The National Weather Service says. On that date, 6.5" fell in the City of Philadelphia.

New York City Breaks Snowless Record

A similar record is also underway in New York City. As of today, it's been 651 days since Central Park recorded at least 1" of snow. The previous record was only 383 days.

Nor'easter Storm Brings Heavy Snowfall To New York City
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So since it's now over 650 days that is legit nearing DOUBLE that previous record in New York City.

The last time it snowed more than 1" in New York was on February 13, 2022. On that day the city recorded 1.6" of snow, The National Weather Service says.

In both cities, it's unlikely that we'll see 1" of snow within the next week so we'll continue to see these records grow.

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