Honestly, the best part of my night is when I get to sit down at home and just relax in front of the TV. Watching a new show on Hulu or Netflix is honestly one of life’s most simple pleasures, in my opinion.

Streaming also has changed the way we digest TV shows and movies because now every show or TV show you could think of watching is pretty much at your fingertips.



As long as you pay for a good amount of streaming services or at least have a nice friend who lets you log into their accounts, you’ll be able to binge every trendy show in just a few hours.

Google Trends has calculated the totals of the most watched TV shows in each area and the results are now in for the Philadelphia area! Because of the way Google Trends gets its information, this also includes parts of Central Jersey as well. Have you binged Philadelphia’s top trending TV shows?

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#5 - Shrinking (Apple TV)

#4 - Daisy Jones & the Six (Prime Video)

#3 - The Night Agent (Netflix)

#2 - The Golden Bachelor (Hulu)

What Is The Philadelphia Area's Top Trending Show?

#1 - The Last of Us (Max, Hulu, Apple TV, Prime Video)

The Last of Us has been the most searched for and is the top trending show in our area and apparently, this isn’t a hot take!

The series itself has 96% on Rotten Tomatoes and has for sure been getting some recognition online since it was released early last year.

The show stars Pedro Pascal, Bella Ramsey, Nick Offerman, and more stars. There is currently 1 season with 9 episodes, which makes this show super easy to binge!

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