Fans still can't be at the Phillies baseball games but their photo cutouts can. It was recently reported by 6abc that if you have a cutout at the Philadelphia Phillies ballgame you can possibly be getting hooked up with some good stuff.

According to 6abc, the Philadelphia Phillies recently announced that fans that have a cutout during a baseball game and get hit by a ball will receive "tickets to a 2021 game and a swag bag of promotional items." You have to be extremely lucky to win some of the prizes because getting hit by a baseball during a game doesn't happen that often.

We learned from 6abc that the Phillies have reported that 48 different cutouts have been hit this short season.

In a tweet posted by the Philadelphia Phillies, it was stated that the reason the baseball organization is looking to give the fans prizes is "to apologize to (and thank) those fans." It was also stated in the tweet that the cutouts will be autographed by the players who hit them before being returned to the fan.

I've noticed that during baseball games when a cut out gets hit by a baseball usually the camera pans to them and they replay it. So, you also get a few seconds of fame on TV. That's for sure a moment to remember.

It seems like if you are trying to get your cutout at the game you are probably out of luck because on the Philadelphia Phillies website it is stated that Friday, August 7 was the last day to submit your photo.

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