You love to see it! Philadelphia sports teams supporting one another is enough to warm your heart.

Here's an uplifting reminder that when one Philly sports team is winning, they're all winning - in spirit! Even if they're different sports, it's nice to see all the teams support each other, and this is a perfect example!

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On Oct 31, the Philadelphia Flyers were seen at 30th Street Station getting ready to board their train to New York - and in support of Red October and the Phillies in the World Series, they were all wearing Phillies jerseys!

One by one, you can see them filing inside, all proudly wearing red and white for once, instead of orange and black. Peep the swagger.

They were heading to New York to face the Rangers. The game will be Nov 1 at 7:00. But they couldn't leave the city without showing their support for their Phillies brothers.

With Game 3 of the World Series having been postponed due to rain on Oct 31, it's been pushed back Nov 1 at 8:03 pm. So it looks like there will be two Philly sports games to watch! The only downside is that this might be a slight bummer to the Flyers since most of the viewers will be watching the World Series.

In any case, what a beautiful symbol that the City of Brotherly Love really is the City of Brotherly Love!

Go Phillies, and Go Flyers!


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