The anticipation and future of summer concerts during this pandemic has been looming over fan’s heads since this began back in March. With reschedules and no word from most venues, there is a huge question if most or any concerts will be occurring this summer. With this in question, the PHL COVID-19 Fund announced that they will be hosting a fundraiser on May 21st featuring all well-known Philadelphia performers.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the event named PHL Love, will be headlined by Daryl Hall, Questlove, and Patti Labelle. There will be many other featured performers such as Jerry Blavat, Jeffrey Gaines, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and so many more.

John S. Middleton, managing partner of the Phillies, described the event as an upbeat escape from the world around us. “These past two months have been a distressing time for all of us – particularly those who are most in need and lacking food, shelter, and hope...We all know there are people who can use a hand up right now,” he said.

The PHL COVID-19 Fund has acquired over $16 million in gifts or other forms from about 5,000 families or other organizations.

“The PHL COVID-19 Fund is doing an incredible job helping nonprofits on the frontline of the region’s response to this pandemic...We’re honored to be a part of this effort to raise funds for those most in need, and excited to bring this program to the community”, said Leigh Middelton.

The event will air at 7 PM on multiple television and radio stations.

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