Healthcare workers never cease to amaze me, especially during the trying times we are in now. I stumbled across the profile of a woman named Lisa Brooks on Instagram the other day, and was amazed as what she is doing during her free time. When she is not being a local superhero working as an RN in Philly, she is designing her own scrubs fashion line!

That's right! Brooks has created an entire line dedicated to making nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers completely swagged out. The line is called IV ALL MANKIND Scrubs, and she sells cute sexy scrubs for women in all different colors and cuts. The pants come in joggers, but cut or even straight leg. The tops come in so many different styles ranging from low cut to a blouse type of style.

"When I was in clinicals I had to wear scrubs of course like any other student in the medical field. and I can honestly say that the first thing I wanted to do when I got home was take my scrubs off. They were just simply uncomfortable. they weren't form fitting" Brooks told NBC Philadelphia.

The West Chester University alum wanted to do something about her uncomfortably instead of complaining. She went home and created clothes from scratch that would be conducive, stylish and comfortable for everyone. Brooks says that launching a new business in the middle of a pandemic while at the same time working the front lines was very stressful. However, she wants everyone to know that there is nothing that can stop you from pursing your dreams.



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