Rolling Stone rounded up what they consider to be the "25 Greatest Grammy Performances Ever," and it seems safe to say Pink is not in agreement with the final list. In fact, the "So What" star slammed the publication in a seemingly since-deleted Instagram comment.

The historic magazine shared their list — which features numbers from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Prince, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Stevie Wonder — ahead of the 2022 Grammys.

They promoted the story on Instagram, and fans rushed to the comments section to weigh in on their perceived snubs of their faves.

Check out the post below.

One name that popped up consistently was Pink. The pop icon has performed at the awards show several times over the years. Notably, she delivered a jaw-dropping and acrobatic rendition of "Glitter in the Air" in 2010. Her absence from the list seemed glaring, even to Pink.

“Bahahahaha you guys have been irrelevant since 1990,” she slammed the magazine in a comment, according to Just Jared.

"This is the magazine that used to feature people like John Lennon and Muddy Waters," Pink added in a second comment. "Hunter S Thompson wrote political pieces ... they put Tina Turner on their cover. Then they sold out and all credibility went to s--- when ‘style over substance’ and ‘revenue over authenticity’ went into play."

“That’s when Snooki became acceptable coverage," the singer wrote. "Give me a f---ing break."

Pink also seemingly referenced her perceived snub directly.

"You don’t have to like me or my music or anything about me ... and believe me I could give a s---," she wrote. "But this is the biggest sellout in f---ing history when it comes to a publication we all once trusted."

Pink also claimed that she's "felt that way for decades," and that she is not alone in feeling that way in the music industry: "This isn’t just about their horrendous opinion of ‘rating Grammy performances.' It’s decades of wasting trees and people’s time.”

Revisit Pink's iconic performance below:

Although the comment does not seem to still be on Rolling Stone's Instagram, others have weighed in on it.

"Slayyyy girl," someone gushed. "You're flawless."

Others noted that she "spilled," or simply commented "preach."

"Baby you have THE POINT," another commenter wrote.

Pink's comment was not met with universal praise, though.

“Why the need to put snooki down," someone wrote. "I thought you changed your 'not like the other girls' persona from the 00s but I guess you’re still that same insecure little girl."

It's unclear if she removed her initial comment on Rolling Stone's Instagram, but Pink shared a photo from another one of her Grammys performances on her own Instagram account.

"Just because," she captioned the stunning shot.

Check it out below:

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