It's a Barbie summer. She's EVERYWHERE, and EVERYTHING has turned pink, including these Philly-style cheesesteaks.

The Barbie movie is ruling the box office, having raked in a cool $155M in its opening weekend. I just never expected her signature color to rule one of the most well-known foods in America, the Philly cheesesteak.


But shame on me, right? I should have known the potential of Barbie's reach. NO ONE is immune, not even Gino's Steaks.


No, not THAT one. They would NEVER. Thank goodness, right?

Geno's Steaks/Facebook
Geno's Steaks/Facebook

There's a Gino's Cheesesteak & Onion Shop in Fayetteville, New York, not to be confused with the famous Geno's Steaks in South Philly, PA.

What the NY Gino's has created would probably never fly at the South Philly Geno's.


I thought for sure all this sandwich shop did was (somehow) change the color of the cheese they put on top of their steaks. But NO. Their new cheesesteak topper goes WAY deeper than that.

Gino's NY's Malibu Barbie Dream Drizzle isn't cheesy at all. It's actually FRUITY and SWEET. The hot pink-colored sauce has a fresh dragon fruit base with hints of garlic, chili, and tangy lemon, as well as herbal notes from dill, parsley and chives. You can even get it on fries.
And, according to Gino's, 'But wait, there's more! To truly embrace the Barbie spirit, we've sprinkled in a dash of edible glitter! You know us, we’re dramatic af.'
Yeah, Gino's, yeah ya are.
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Would you want to see Geno's South Philly replicate this Barbie cheesesteak? Let us know in the comments.

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