Point Pleasant Beach officials clearly aren't fans of the Jersey Shore cast. After they were spotted filming their spinoff show, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, there last week, The Patch says they've been trying to boot them out of town.

You see, 495 Productions, the company that produces "Jersey Shore Family Vacation" doesn't have a permit to film in Point Pleasant Beach, and they need one.

The Mayor, Stephen Reid, told The Patch they would have never given them a permit to film, and "the show is not welcome in Point Pleasant Beach."  The Point Pleasant Beach Police have been trying to get in touch with the Jersey Shore producers to tell them about their ordinance saying you cannot film on public or private property without a permit, but, their attempts have been unsuccessful.

It shouldn't be hard to find them. Neighbors have spotted them in a house on the boardwalk, near Limroth Drive, and Snooki was already caught yelling and storming out of the house, with producers chasing her down.

Hey, Point Pleasant, let me know whether or not they're staying before I come down there and try to get a glimpse, ok?  Lol. Just kidding.


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