The coronavirus pandemic has crippled many things. I started cheerleading in 8th grade and I enjoyed it. very much. I started dancing at age 3 and didn't take interest in cheerleading until middle school. Once I started, it was something I had to do every season. I cheered for football and wrestling in high school and I cheered for the basketball team at Rider University when I attended school there. Cheerleading was something that I kept on loving even after my performance career was over. I loved it so much, I coached cheerleading at Piscataway High School for four years. I resigned after I had my son Nathan, to make more time for him. Those four years were very special to me and they're times I will never forget. High school sports are something that people take very seriously these days. Whether you're a kid trying to get a scholarship or a parent trying to make sure your child succeeds, it can get intense, especially if a child has worked hard for four years. Many high schools sports, are in jeopardy right now due to the coronavirus pandemic and school districts one by one are started to cancel their fall sports programs due to safety concerns.

Princeton High School just announced that they will start their outdoor fall sports programs on September 14th after a school board meeting last night. According to, the vote YES to start fall sports was overwhelming and their programs will start practicing on September 14th and some sports will start competing as early as September 28th. All the sports which are cross country, football, field hockey, girls tennis and soccer will all have short seasons being that they will be all done in November, but at least they will have some kind of season. Indoor fall sports like volleyball have been moved to the spring, hopefully by then, we'll have a vaccine and the pandemic will be over. As of now, Princeton High School is doing virtual learning until October 19th.

What I wonder is, are enough schools still having their fall sports seasons to have competitors? I think this may result in longer travel for teams to have matches. I do also believe many schools will either reverse their decisions to cancel their fall sports programs and or decide to have them after all. Hopefully, kids will not start to contract the coronavirus and their shortened seasons can take place.

For more info check out this article. from or visit Princeton High School's Athletics website.

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