These cicadas have been the bane of my existence every since they emerged this season. From their loud screams to them attaching themselves to everyone and everything, it's like I can't get away from them. I especially feel bad for the residents of Princeton. Apparently it has become the epicenter for the Brood X invasion.

I just saw on that some are calling Princeton "the cicada capital of New Jersey." Its actually scary.

Not only are in the trees, on the sidewalks and buzzing in the air. They are also attacking people. I have seen countless videos on social media of people trying to fend off the insects as swarms of them attempt to cling to their clothing.

There is no such thing as silence in Princeton anymore. It doesn't help that the cicadas are not a pretty sight to look at, but their screams make them even more obnoxious.

I, myself, have witnessed the invasion of these insects in a once pretty town. My boyfriend and I were eating at Blue Point Grill on Nassau Street this past weekend, and the entire ground was covered in cicadas!

So why have these red eye creatures chosen Princeton as there resting place this summer? According to, insect experts believe it’s because the town has so many old trees and has a long history of preserving wooded areas.

"My running hypothesis is that Princeton, being an old town that has not undergone substantial redevelopment, has a lot of areas that have been forested for many hundreds or thousands of years, and the town itself has many old trees,” a science teacher at Princeton High School, Mark Eastburn, told 

The cicadas are pretty hard to miss. All you have to do is look up and you'll see thousands clinging on to tree branches.

But, don't worry, the cicada invasion is apparently at its peak. And we'll only have to endure the worst of it for about two more weeks. Then we can finally get our beloved Princeton back to normal.


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