A popular ice cream shop in Princeton is serving up an unusual, but, very timely new flavor. Are you ready for this? The new flavor is Cicada Chocolate Chip, according to its Facebook page. Yup, you heard me correctly.

Located in Palmer Square, the bent spoon reassured its very loyal customers that this was not a joke, but, a rare flavor, available after 17 years, and only available for a limited time.

One of the owners posted, "It took many, many days and a whole lot of magic to turn those special creatures into “cicada chocolate chips” for ice cream. Blessings and grateful tidings were incanted, wishes for a bountiful future were professed, and sentimental tears were shed for just how funny and weird and outrageous living on planet earth can be. Enjoy this exceptionally ephemeral flavor. *please note. cicadas can cause similar allergic reactions in people who are allergic to seafood/shellfish."

Cicada Chocolate Chip will be available in 1/2 pints, while supplies last. Don't miss out on this tasty trend.  Cicada cuisine has caught on all over the country. Have you heard about the candy shop in Maryland serving chocolate covered cicadas? Oh yeah. Lol.

Believe it or not, I'd like to try it. Why not? But, if I like it, I'm going to have to stock up, because, it'll be another 17 years before the loud critters are back again.

If you've never been to the bent spoon in Palmer Square, Princeton, you need to put it on your summer bucket list. It's not just an ice cream shop, it's an ice cream experience.

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