The Princeton Police department just announced on their Facebook page, that their entire police forced will now be wearing body cameras while on duty. These body cameras will be in addition to the dashboard cameras police officers in Princeton already have. The camera will record when an officer is on duty and footage can serve as a training tool or to gather evidence.

Body cameras are an essential tool used in modern day policing which capture a firsthand look at a police encounter with a civilian. Body cameras can be used in court as evidence for someone to defend their care or for an officer to defend. I know many police officers who's body cameras turn on as soon as they turn on the siren lights in their patrol car. That way, there is no malfunction and their camera is always rolling during a police stop or emergency call. Especially in cases like the tragic death of George Floyd, these body cameras will help show evidence of what exactly happened and in the case of George Floyd, bring the officers who caused his death to justice. Believe it or not, but not every police force has these body cameras because they can be very expensive to purchase for an entire police force. But due to the recent events that have taken place this year, more and more department are in fact, trying to get them for their entire police departments.


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