I've got good news and bad news if you're fan of dining out in downtown Princeton.

The bad news - Winberie's in Palmer Square in Princeton is closing temporarily next month. The good news - the restaurant is being completely renovated.

According to the Princeton Patch, the dining area and kitchen are both getting upgrades, and the menu is being revamped.

What does this mean for the staff? If they're not working, will they get paid? Well, the answer is no, but, the manager of Winberies said that the employees will be temporarily laid off, which will allow them to collect unemployment.

There are 43 people on staff at the popular restaurant.

The renovations, which will begin in early February, are expected to take about five week. An exact start date hasn't been set yet.

If you've never been, Winberie's is a must. It's in the heart of Palmer Square, across from Princeton University, and has been there since 1984.

I can't wait to go back and experience the changes.

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