Just in case there aren’t any reservations available at your significant other’s favorite restaurant, and perhaps you’re a little low on cash after the holidays, Qdoba has you covered.

The Mexican eatery will be celebrating its tenth year of its “Qdoba For A Kiss” promotion.  Holiday promotions are a great way to save as a customer and equally as beneficial for the chain.  With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it was only a matter of time before the fast-food chains started up their promotions.  Fast food isn’t the hot spot for a romantic meal that people think of for the holiday, so maybe a free meal will entice couples.

On Feb. 14 guests who go to a participating Qdoba location, buy an entrée and then share a kiss with anyone – or anything – will get a free entrée.  Kiss your date, your own hand, a chair – really anything.  And you’re rewarded with some free food. And yes, both Princeton locations are participating.

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