We have been getting a ton of winter weather storms our way over the past few weeks and this little hack may save you some stress! Do you know why you need to start keeping a frozen mug of ice and a quarter in your freezer?

No, it’s not an old wise tale that will give you good luck or give us a snow day. It has a purpose that will help you out if you ever lose power. The Facebook page called Old Recipes That Stir Childhood Memories shared this and it's blown up! The trick is that you fill up a mug with water and freeze it.


Once it’s frozen, all you have to do is put a quarter on top and leave it in your freezer. What’s its purpose? It’s used to show if your freezer shuts off during a power outage. Of course, we all like to store chicken, sausage, steaks, ice cream, etc.

in our freezers and if the power goes out, you risk losing all of that amazing, frozen food! Sometimes it’s hard to know if your food will recover after losing power or if it just needs to get thrown away, but this hack will answer the question for you.

If your freezer shuts off and your cup of ice has melted so much that your quarter has reached the bottom of the glass, it’s probably safe to say all of your food has gone bad and needs to get thrown away.


Thanks to this little hack, there’s no more smelling each pack of food and taking your chances if you decide to keep it.

We know this probably isn’t the last of the winter storms we’ll see before the cold weather is over, so do this hack in case you ever have to use it! You never know when it will come in handy!

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