It seems to be a common story now of fans asking a celebrity for a helping hand financially and they actually get a yes from them.

For example, a few months back Halsey paid off a speeding ticket for a Penn State graduate after the student posted a tweet saying she was playing Halsey's track when it happened.

Now, this time around, a Temple student, Raheel Ahmad, realized that rapper, Lil Uzi Vert, was going to be out in King of Prussia when he decided to try and find the rapper. According to 6abc, its not a small of money that the Temple student was requesting. It's actually $90,000. The money wasn’t just for anything though. It was to pay off his tuition.

6abc mentioned that Ahmad pulled out his phone and began to record the moment he asked for the money. Lil Uzi Vert requested to see the Temple students transcripts and such before offering to give the student $90,000.

According to 6abc the student has not heard back from the rapper but still has high hope to receive that helping hand. Ahmad is really trying to help his single-widowed mother and family.

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