A newly engaged couple got a nice surprise from a familiar face during their photoshoot in the City of Brotherly Love.

According to cbslocal.com, Megan Monaco and Joe Fetrow were visiting Philadelphia from Virginia to take some engagement pictures in front of the art museum.

However, this very familiar face decided to photobomb their pictures and that face was Jason Segel. Instead of the couple being annoyed about the intrusion, they were actually excited about it because well, it was the actor Jason Segel. How could they not be excited?

From the looks of it, it wasn't too hard to get Jason Segel to be part of the pictures. Monaco mentioned to CNN.com that they waved to him, then he came over and told them to keep doing their thing and joined them for a photo.

Cbslocal.com reported that after the photobomb, Segel shook their hands and went on his way. That just adds on to how special the day was for the couple. They recently got engaged, and now they have a celebrity in their engagement photo. This will be something that this couple will never forget.

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