Why do rats exist? What is the point of rats being a thing in this world?

No one wants those things at their house and people will get rat poison or rat traps to kill them.

Seriously, rats are extremely pointless.

FOX 29 recently reported that many residents in the Northeast Philadelphia area are experiencing some really nasty rat problems. This is all after new construction was started in the area.

Some residents are not happy at all that they have to walk out of their house and see these disgusting rodents. I know for a fact I would not be a happy camper.

According to FOX 29, one North Philly resident shared her experience with the rat infestation and it was nowhere near pleasant. The North Philly resident told FOX 29, "They're not garden insects or anything. These are rats."

Again, I agree with the resident. That is just nasty. Really, rats are good for nothing.

We googled, “What are rats good for" and part of the answer was "they will eat garbage and other things that people throw away."

That is a pointless reason for rats.

Some of the other North Philly residents shared with FOX 29 that they have seen "three, four, five of them going between our neighbor’s yard over here and my yard."

Can the city help the North Philly residents? FOX 29 shared that the city spokesperson made it know that "they will go back out to that North Philly neighborhood for new inspections and talk to residents to remedy the situation."

No one wants to have those rats on their yard and especially not inside their homes. So, hopefully, the North Philadelphia residents don't have to deal with this for too long.

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