Eighty-one pages of printed song lyrics and a book reading light inside Lincoln Financial Field. That's what everyone is talking about following Saturday night's Taylor Swift concert in Philly.

The lyrics were printed out by Maureen Gregory, a Downingtown mom, who attended Friday night's Eras Tour. Video of Gregory rocking out to the lyrics (with her reading book light) went viral on TikTok during the show.

While preparing to attend the show with her two Swiftie daughters, cousins, and nieces, she realized her family knew every word to Taylor Swift's songs and didn't want to miss out.

“I was jealous, I wanted to know all the words,” Maureen told CBS 3 Philadelphia.

So she copied and pasted the words to every song on Taylor's epic 44-song setlist into a Microsoft Word document and had them printed (on to double sided paper and secured with a cheetah-print binder clip) at a local Staples store, she tells the Inquirer.com.

Of course, a concert can have tricky lighting, so Maureen brought in a mini reading light and clipped it to the book of songs.

The video of Maureen reading her song lyrics has nearly 5 million views on TikTok as of Monday, and just under 1 million likes.

The video posted by her family says "she didn't mess up one word." Impressive!

Her family seemed to be a little surprised by her fame too.

"Lol my Aunt Maureen is going viral on TikTok rn because she printed out the lyrics to every song in the setlist for the Taylor Swift concert," @graham_Foley3 wrote on Twitter.

Friday night was the fifth time that she has seen Taylor in concert, by the way, according to the Inquirer, which spoke to the family. You can read that by clicking here.

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