Philadelphia was Swift City this weekend, as the pop star performed three sold-out shows.

But -- there's no way Taylor only performed while she was in town, and we think that we've FINALLY pieced together everything about Taylor's time back home in Pennsylvania.

Like: where did she stay? Where did she eat? 

Plus, what A-Listers visited Philly for the concerts? We did our best to find it all out.

Friday, May 12 - Taylor Swift Arrives in Philadelphia

It sounds like Taylor Swift arrived in Philly via a private jet around 1 p.m. on Friday. She arrived on the jet with her parents and boyfriend Matty Healy. That exclusive info came from the incredible PhillyChitChat, who always seems to know what's going on around town. 

PhillyChitChat reported that the "Karma" singer went immediately to the stadium for a soundcheck, where she stayed for the duration of the evening.

There was an internet rumor that said she ordered cheesesteaks for the production crew following Friday night's concert, but that appears to have been false.We have not been able to confirm those screenshots that were circulating on the web.

Swift's concert wrapped around 11:15 p.m. She checked into the Ritz-Carlton Hotel early Saturday morning (around 2 AM). We tried our best to find out where Swift may have eaten dinner Friday night, but that also was not immediately clear.

It is, however, probably safe to assume that Taylor did something after the show given the fact that she checked into her hotel so late. The show wrapped at 11 p.m.

One of her best friends Blake Lively was in the crowd (with her kids) so perhaps they met up after the show? In fact, Taylor was seen leaving the stage area shortly after the concert with Blake and the girls:

It's not clear where they went after departing the stage.

Saturday, May 13 - Taylor Swift Stays at the Ritz Carlton

Meanwhile, after Saturday night's show Taylor had dinner at Jean-George's, which is located on the 59th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel inside the Comcast Center.

Curious about what Taylor ate? You can view their usual menu here and guess for yourself.

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It is not clear who Taylor had dinner with, but it sounds like the "Cruel Summer" singer received a police escort for the meal. Sources say that Swift returned to her hotel around 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning, PhillyChitChat reports.

The Ritz Carlton is located on Broad Street in Center City Philadelphia.

Sunday, May 14 - Taylor Swift Leaves Philadelphia

As for Sunday, PhillyChitChat's sources say that Taylor checked out of the hotel around 2 p.m. That's when she headed to the Linc for her final sold-out show.

Immediately following the concert, Taylor flew back to New York City via a private jet, PhillyChitChat reports. However, It was unclear if anyone accompanied her on the trip out of Philadelphia (like Matty Healy, her parents, etc).

Thanks PhillyChitChat for keeping us in the know!

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