If you’re driving around at night I know you’ve noticed that sometimes people have their porch lights set to an odd color and I know you’ve been a bit confused as to why they’re doing that.

I’ve driven past plenty of homes in the area that have green light bulbs in their porch lights year round and it’s just a big confusion. You think ok maybe they’re left over from Christmas?

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Maybe they’re just really hype for St.Patrick’s Day? While those are possibilities, there are deeper meanings when it comes to changing the colors of your porch light in front of your home in New Jersey or any other state for that matter.

If you’re driving around your town and notice there are a lot of red porch lights in front of your neighbor’s houses, it may not be what you think. Of course, yes it’s February and we’re all celebrating Valentine’s Day, but there is another potential reason for those thinking about red lights.

What Do Red Porch Lights Mean In Front of Someone’s House?


February is American Heart Month and a way that people sometimes choose to show respect is by changing their front porch colors to red this month. Another reason someone could keep their lights red year round and not just in February is to honor firefighters as well.

There are sometimes multiple meanings for the same color. The same goes for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in which people would turn their lights pink, Autism Awareness Month in which people would change them to blue, purple lights are used to support domestic violence victims and there are plenty more.

You can see a list of just a few of the meanings behind different porch light colors here.

So this February if you see red porch lights, it could mean a few things! This is a fun way to show your support for causes that are near and dear to your heart.

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