The holidays will be here for before you know it, so it's time to start making holiday plans. Registration is now open for Dashin' Thru the Lights at Shady Brook Farm in Yardley, PA, according to the farm's official website.

Grab your family, friends, sports teams, whoever wants to have some pre-holiday fun. Dashin' Thru the Lights will held on Friday night, November 19th. There will be a rolling start time, every 30 minutes, with the first group taking off at 5pm and the last group heading into the lights at 9pm.

You must register in advance. You will not be able to register the day of the dash. It will be held rain or shine. Please leave your pets at home.

If you're not familiar with this fun event, Dashin' Thru the Lights is a 2 mile "course." You can run, jog, or walk through Shady Brook Farm's Holiday Light Show. Yup. It's such a cool way to see the holiday lights before the drive thru opens to the public. Take lots of pics...they're bound to get you a ton of Likes on social media. Lol.

If you've never been, each year Shady Brook Farm hosts a Holiday Light Show, a drive thru experience with millions of holiday lights in cute displays. It's simply amazing. Don't miss it. The fun begins the night after Dashin' Thru the Lights, Saturday, November 20th at dusk. 

Tis the season. For more information and to register for Dashin' Thru the Lights, click here.

Shady Brook Farm is located at 931 Stony Hill Road, Yardley, PA.

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