Man vs. Food used to be one of my favorite shows to watch on the Travel Channel. It featured host and competitive eater Adam Richman traveling around the country to take on the craziest eating challenges. Some of them were insane and some he would complete and others would defeat him. Adam is no longer the host of the show and has retired from competitive eating, but if I am flipping through channels and I spot Man vs. Food is on, I may just watch it. I wondered if there were places in New Jersey that have eating contests like the ones on the show. I've heard of a few places like certain Surf Taco locations will put you on their Wall of Fame if you finish their giant burrito in under 15 minutes. I've got some places in New Jersey that you can get your meal for free if you finish their famous food challenges or at least get a sweet prize.

Restaurants in New Jersey with Eating Challenges


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