A lot of people are not only afraid of catching the Coronavirus but also are worried about the fact that if your place of work shuts down, you may not have any income coming in. That's something that can affect your whole family.

According to NJ.com, multiple companies have made it clear that they will offer their employees sick leave pay. Some of those companies include but not limited to Amazon, Apple, Macy's, Target, Walmart, McDonald's, and Starbucks.

This will definitely benefit many employees that are possibly exposed to the coronavirus.  Some of the companies are offering 14 days of sick paid leave, while others are offering 30 hours, according to NJ.com.

NJ.com also mentioned that Walmart has become extremely lenient with its "attendance occurrence policy." They are making it easier for their employees that happen to feel uncomfortable because of the coronavirus.

It has to make employees a lot more comfortable and relieved while we all go through the Coronavirus scare.

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