A Robbinsville family is asking for your help in getting a service dog for their disabled daughter, according to TAPinto Hamilton/Robbinsville.

Kelly Breden is only 17 year-old, and has a very rare genetic disorder. She was the 14th person in the world to have been diagnosed with with PACS 1 (also known as Schuurs-Hoeijmakers syndrome). Today there are only 157 people globally to have it. Kelly is also autistic and non-verbal.

The syndrome can cause "intellectual disability, developmental delay, low muscle tone, seizures, and heart defects, among other symptoms," the article states. Kelly's mobility and quality of life has been affected, and in order for her to be more independent, a service dog is needed. She's already fallen several times, forcing her into a wheelchair more than a 17-year-old would like to be.

A service dog is expensive though, money the Breden family simply does not have. But, they are determined and not giving up on their daughter. Elizabeth Breden said in the article, "We want to give her independence and a better quality of life. I will do anything to help my kid; that’s what I do; that’s what moms do."

A Go Fund Me has been set up for the family to help cover the costs of the service dog...training, fees, etc, which is an estimated $38,000. Click here to donate.

It's a tough time for this family. Due to the pandemic, Kelly's also been isolated in their home, so she wouldn't catch the virus. She's going to school at home instead of the Mercer County School for Special Services, which has been very difficult as well.

Please, if you're able, help this family to help their daughter that they love so much.

For more details, click here.

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