If you've been to Arm & Hammer Park in Trenton to watch the Trenton Thunder play, then you've seen Rookie the bat dog picking up bats for the Thunder players and bringing them back to the dugout. Rookie has become very famous and even has his own Twitter to prove it! I actually love following Rookie on Twitter and seeing what he's up to! Rookie got int he car yesterday morning and posted a picture to his Twitter, so we got all excited and wondered where he was going!

Then, once Rookie was in the Bronx, he posted a picture that he was at Yankee Stadium! This was really exciting, but not surprising that he got to go, since the Trenton Thunder is the Double-A affiliate of the Yankees.

Rookie got to visit with a bunch of players, including Aaron Judge and Brett Gardner who both have made appearances at Arm & Hammer Park at one point or another.

Rookie's visit gained attention from many famous sports media outlets including SNY and even MLB.

Even though Rookie did not get to perform his normal duties that he performs at Arm & Hammer Park in Trenton during every home game, it still seems like this pup had a great day in the Bronx!

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