In March, Nancy Cantor, chancellor of Rutgers-Newark, was involved in a fender-bender with a parked police SUV with an officer inside.

According to a police report, Cantor’s driver was picking her up when he struck the passenger side rear bumper of the police SUV.

Recently a video surfaced which shows her yelling at campus police, saying, “I’m the chancellor!” and “If if miss my plane, you folks are in trouble!”

“Yesterday I had the opportunity to see video from the incident on March 4 in front of the Center for Law and Justice, when I was being picked up to go to the airport. I write with my heartfelt apology to you for the way I reacted to the situation. I realize clearly that I was not my best self that morning.


“I have great respect for RUPD and am grateful for the work that our officers do every day to keep our campus and community safe and secure.”

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