A major helicopter crash that happened in Upper Darby on Tuesday shook the entire city of Philadelphia. The crash scene looked so devastating and scary that it is hard to believe that there was no life lost. However, the crash is being called a miracle. 4 people happened to be on board that flight and they all survived.

The helicopter was a medical chopper that was transporting an infant to a nearby hospital. According to abc27, around 1 pm on Tuesday first responders were called to the Drexel Hill United Methodist Church in Upper Darby. The helicopter had crashed onto the street and slid into the side of the church building. Somehow someway the pilot was able to avoid a bunch of power lines and other buildings and homes.

I grew up right around that area. Almost my entire family lived in the Lansdowne/Upper Darby area at one point. On the way to my aunt's house, we used to drive past the Drexel Hill United Methodist Church all the time. The church is a block away from where I used to spend most of my childhood. My cousins recently moved from New York back to the area and are staying in a house right across the street from the church.

They told me they heard the crash when it happened. They went outside to see what all the commotion was about and actually saw the helicopter in the bushes outside of the church.

"It was surreal to see," said Lindley J. "I'm just glad everyone is okay and no one was hurt."


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