I think it's crazy when we say we can't live without our phones. I do feel like I would not be able to function without it sometimes, but then one day, I left my phone at home and went to work and I was totally fine. It's probably because I have an Apple Watch and a Macbook, so all of my texts from Apple users came through there. But since we need our phones all the time, we also need chargers for the phone, and we usually get them every time we buy a new phone. Well, Apple and Samsung have just announced that there will be some changes to new phone purchases.

The Verge reports, that Samsung and Apple will no longer be giving their customers free chargers when they receive a new phone. The reason? I bet you can guess! They've lost so much money during the coronavirus pandemic and they need to start making more. Both companies could sell chargers separately and make more money. Also, most people probably already have a charger at home from a previous phone, so getting a new charger may just go to waste. For me, I have chargers everywhere in my house and even in my car, and I look forward to getting a new phone so I will get another this. Samsung and Apple, you have made me very sad.

For more info on their announcement to stop selling chargers with new phones, click here.

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