This is what you call arriving in style. Lol. Santa will show up to Shady Brook Farm for the holiday season, not by sleigh, not by firetruck....oh, this is even more grand...he'll land on the farm in a helicopter, according to Facebook, this Friday, November 29th. How cool is that?

The fun kicks off at 3pm and goes until 5pm. I would get there a little early if you can...a lot of people like to see the big guy's arrival. It's free, and a very cool sight. I know a bunch of families who have made this a yearly tradition.

Once he arrives, he'll make his way through the crowd to the greenhouse, where he'll hang out throughout the holiday season. Make sure to stop in and say hi, tell him what's on your Christmas list, and take a picture with him. Ahhh, the magic of Christmas. I love it. You'll love the Shady Brook Farm Market and greenhouse, so, stay and shop.

Shady Brook Farm is located at 31 Stony Hill Rd, Yardley, PA.

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