We all know that wearing your seatbelt while in the car is majorly important. It can even save lives when an accident occurs. Although it’s second nature to most of us to buckle up as soon as we sit down in the car, there are actually some people who may be exempt from the rules.

Everyone understands the benefits of wearing a seatbelt when you’re seated in either a car, bus, truck, etc. Time and time again it has been proved that seatbelts can save the lives of passengers when involved in either minor or serious accidents.


According to a website called The Zebra, 50% of all automobile deaths can be prevented by wearing your seat belt, and only 1% of passengers who were wearing a seat belt were ejected from a car during the time of a car accident.

Of course, if you’re able to, everyone should wear their seatbelt whenever a vehicle is in motion, but there are a few people in New Jersey who are exempt from the seatbelt laws.

What Qualifies Someone to be Exempt from New Jersey’s Seat Belt Laws?

According to NYTrafficLawyer.com, individuals in New Jersey may be exempt from using seat belts if they:

  • If individuals are seated in a passenger vehicle that was manufactured before July 1, 1966,
  • if individuals are seated in a passenger vehicle manufactured with limited safety seat belt systems, such as a bus,
  • If individuals seated in a passenger vehicle who hold a doctor’s note stating they’re unable to wear a seatbelt for medical reasons
  • If individuals are employees of the United States Postal Service who are driving USPS vehicles to fulfill the duties of their role as letter carriers.

NJ.gov reports that wearing a seatbelt increases your chances of surviving a crash by as much as 75%, so if you don’t fall under any of the categories listed above, make sure to buckle up, it's for your good!

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