Get ready for some scary Halloween fun! Well, it depends on what you consider fun. I am terrified of my own shadow and hate anything scary. I love Halloween, but I am more about dressing up and having a few drinks and less about getting spooked by people in scary costumes. I know tons of people who loved being scared though, and according to The Patch, Shady Brook Farm's Horror Fest returns this weekend.

According to their website, Shady Brook Farm Horror Fest has  four ways to make you scream! They've got the Hayride of Horror, the Barn of Horror, Carnage in the Corn, and the Alien Encounter 3D. Now, not all of these are super scary, but most of them are. If you plan on bringing younger children or people who scare easily, I would check them before you get in line for them.

They've got a ticket special when you go on Fridays or Sundays, you can get all 4 attractions for a special price. For more information on Horror Fest and other events that are happening at Shady Brook Farm, visit their website.

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