*Cue eye roll*

I can't even believe it as I am typing it but there is another mindless social media challenge that is out there and trending among our teenagers.

This one is called the "Shell On" Challenge and according to News12.com, "it encourages teens to eat plastic packaging, cardboard boxes and fruit peels - and post the videos of themselves doing it on Snapchat."

Parents, keep in mind that Snapchat works a tad differently because once a video is sent, you can't see the footage again unless the user has saved it. I know, this adds another level of complicated to an already tough situation but the more you know, the better.

This is far from the first crazy social media challenge that has gone trending including the "Tide Pod Challenge" and the scary "Momo Challenge."

Kids....here are some challenges that are actually worth being considered victorious in:

- "Get Good Grades Challenge"

- "Get Enough Sleep Challenge"

- "Join A Team or Club At School Challenge"

I know... something good for you?! Go figure!

Take a look at the original article at News12.com for more information and stay safe out there.

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